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PIP Finger Joint Replacement

Replacing an IP joint in a finger is done in different ways by different surgeons. Mike Hayton from Wrightington Hospial in UK, shows you a straightforward simple procedure that gives you an excellent result when done properly. He uses a Silicone implant that will relieve pain and preserve the joint movement.

Examination of the Hip Joint

This is a simple easy to understand presentation of how to examine a patient for a hip problem.

Examination of the Hip Joint

This video - produced by students at Oxford University Medical School in conjunction with the faculty - demonstrates how to perform an Orthopaedic examination of the hip joint. It is part of a series of videos covering Orthopaedic examinations and is linked to Oxford Medical Education (

Examination of the Shoulder

This "You Tube" presentation from the Oxford Medical Videos explains in brief how you should examine a shoulder when a patient presents with a shoulder problem.

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