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Cerebellar System - Structure, Function and Dysfunction

This Video features a lecture on the function of the Cerebellum

Gastric Acid Secretion

Armando Hasudungan is a junior doctor in Australia. He started making videos on medical topics as a student to learn a topic. He continued to make regular videos as he was progressing through his medical school in Australia. His videos became very popular with other students that he has now become a popular online medical educator. 

This video explains clearly the physiology of acid secretion in stomach and how medication works when dealing with hyperacidity.

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Respiration Under Stress

This lecture deals with the response of the respiratory system to exercise, high altitude, diving and space flight.

Respiration at the Limit

This is the last in the series of lectures on respiratory physiology. It deals with respiration under extreme hypoxia. He also talks about a medical expedition to Mt Everest.

Mechanics of Breathing Part I

Apart from explaining the basics of the mechanics of breathing the lecture will explain the "Compliance of the lung" and how the compliance is decreased or increased in the different pathologies of the lung. 

Mechanics of Breathing Part II

This lecture explains the movement of gas in the lung, airway resistance and dynamics, He also explains pressures during the breathing cycle.and mechanism of dynamic compression in chronic obstructive lung disease.

Control of Ventilation

Regulation of gas exchange is brought about by the control of ventilation. This lecture explains the complex process.

Defense System of the Lung

This lecture deals with the pollutants in the atmosphere and how the lung and the respiratory tract reacts and deals with them.

Pulmonary Blood Flow

This lecture is about the pulmonary blood flow by which oxygenated blood is transported from the lung to the periphery.

Pulmonary Gas Exchange Part I

Continuing the series on respiratory physiology John B West deals with Hypoxaemia, Diffusion impairment and Shunt in this lecture.

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