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 Post subject: Oxford Astra Zeneca Jab
PostPosted: 11 Apr 2021 18:07 
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We have heard a lot about the Covishield vaccine causing blood clots in the brain and low platelet counts. The following is a comment by Andrew Gregory and Ben Spencer in the Sunday Times today. It is mainly about the roll out in UK. I don't think we will get a definite answer right now. However the comment is worth a read

What you need to know about clots

Is vaccination worth the risk?
The chance of suffering a clot is one in 250,000. And the chance of dying as a result is one in a million. For young people the odds of falling seriously ill with Covid-19 may seem equally remote. But the older you get, the higher the risk becomes. And even among the young there are other consequences: long Covid is one; passing the virus on to a vulnerable relative is another.

The relative risks are demonstrated by the contraceptive pill, which is taken by millions of women. Roughly 250 in every million women who take the pill suffer a clot each year. Four in every million suffer a fatal clot — a risk four times that of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab.

I’ve already had my first AstraZeneca jab: should I be worried about getting my second?
No. There have been no clots reported after a second dose, suggesting that the tiny number of people susceptible to clots are struck on their first exposure.

France and Germany, however, have recommended that young people who have had a first dose of the AstraZeneca jab be given a Pfizer or Moderna shot as their second jab.

This option is not available in the UK, although “mix and match” trials are under way that might make this possible later this year.

I’m in my thirties, which jab will I get?
If you are eligible now (because you are a health worker or have an underlying health condition) you will be offered either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer jab. Other people in their thirties are unlikely to be offered vaccination before mid-May. By that point, regulators may have decided to ask people in this bracket to join those in their twenties in avoiding the AstraZeneca jab.

The decision will be made once most over-40s have been vaccinated, and will largely depend on underlying Covid rates. By then other jabs, including Moderna, may be available.

Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, said safety data would be examined “in scrupulous detail” before the programme is rolled out to the under-40s. Nobody is offered a choice of which vaccine to receive.


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PostPosted: 22 Apr 2021 15:43 
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Hi Badri
It is a timely message. Reluctance to vaccination is most among educated. The havoc is caused mostly by WhatsApp universities. It is incredibly sad to see this trend even among the medical professionals. As doctors we have seen reactions to drugs umpteen number of times. We must bear in mind that just because a reaction to some drug has taken place in one patient, we do not stop using the same medicine for the next patient when indicated. Remember the number of reactions we had come across in the case of then widely used crystalline penicillin. I had myself seen in the ward a death of a young lady after anaphylactic reaction to penicillin. But such incidents did not stop us using penicillin for decades till emergence of other wide-spectrum antibiotics. We are aware that decisions in the medical field are governed by risk-verses-benefit principle. If the benefits of undergoing a procedure or taking a drug far outweigh the risks, then it is sensible to proceed. Gagandeep Kang, an eminent virologist and vaccinologist who worked on the Rotavirus vaccine said, “I’d like for every vaccine and drug to be 100 percent safe. But that is not possible. So, we have to try and handle the situation as best as we can.” She says that the risk is greater with Covid 19 infection than with the vaccine. So I request our medical fraternity to come out and spread the message and help us to get out of this unprecedented calamity.

UA Mohammed

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